Special Software to Prevent Container Penalties

Demurrage & Detention Cost Reduction in Real-Time

Northbound helps inbound teams reduce their D&D costs through live cost transparency, optimized planning and automated invoice verification.

Demurrage & Detention
Real-Time Container Milestones –
without integration
Individual and Exact Rates –
without inaccuracies
Automated Invoice Verification –
without manual work
Our customers report these potential savings
Reduction of total D&D costs
Disputable D&D
Saved D&D fees per container
1 Hour
Time saved per container
Industry leaders trust in us
Techno Design
Erik Wirsing
VP Global Innovation, DB Schenker

“Northbound offers importers a completely new level of agility. Instead of tracking containers manually, the real-time transparency and automated invoice verification enable drastic and cost-effective reductions in demurrage and detention fees.”

Are you also struggling with demurrage & detention costs?

Lack of Transparency

Demurrage & Detention costs remain hidden until the invoice arrives

Inability to Act

Without a real-time overview, D&D costs cannot be avoided through active control

Uncontrolled Payments

Without historical container data, it is practically impossible to check D&D invoices accurately

Our Solution Against D&D Costs

D&D Transparency

D&D Transparency in Real-Time

Live D&D cost overview with real-time container data and automatically calculated overview instead of manual Excel tracking. Get up-to-date data for each container, save time, and stay in control.

Automatic warnings

Instead of being unable to react due to a lack of cost overview, the system informs you before costs are actually incurred.

Automatische Warnungen
Decision Criteria

Optimized planning right up to the warehouse

Instead of simply letting the container processing run by itself, Northbound helps to actively control the sequence of containers. Capacities, customer promises, and D&D costs are taken into account.

Invoice Verification with AI

Automated verification of D&D invoices by our AI invoice auditor instead of manually checking each invoice and struggling with incomplete data. Find incorrect invoices automatically and save valuable working hours.

Invoice Verification with AI
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These features help you to minimize your D&D costs

Live D&D Cost Overview

With our real-time D&D dashboard, you can proactively optimize container scheduling, preventing the occurrence of D&D costs.

Real-Time Container Milestones

Northbound retrieves the container milestones in real time via a central API. Real-time visibility is therefore directly included with Northbound. Only the container number or the Bill of Lading (BL) is required.

Container Deep Dive

Analyze the D&D costs and movement data of each individual container in detail.

D&D Rates Database

Northbound can precisely map any individual rate, regardless of the complexity of the rules.

Proactive Alerts

Receive timely notifications before D&D costs occur so that you can react immediately and avoid costs.

Automated Invoice Verification

Upload your D&D invoice and Northbound's AI invoice auditor compares it with the stored movement data of the container. This way, no error remains undetected.


Is an IT integration into my ERP, TMS or other systems necessary?
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No, an IT integration into your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Transportation Management System (TMS) or other systems is not necessary. Our solution only requires the container number and, if applicable, the Bill of Lading (BL) in order to retrieve all relevant data and calculate the D&D costs.

Where does the container data come from?
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The data is collected through a connection to real-time visibility providers and the input of user-defined rates. This enables us to provide accurate and up-to-date information on container movements and D&D charges.

We have negotiated our own D&D rates, can Northbound handle this?
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Yes, individual D&D rates can be stored in the Northbound D&D database in all granularity and changed at any time. This means that the system is always able to calculate absolutely accurate D&D costs.

What does Northbound cost?
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The use of Northbound is billed based on the expected container volume and the expected number of invoices to be checked on a monthly basis. We offer a free start with a limited number of containers and invoices so that you can see for yourself right away. If you are satisfied, we will agree a monthly package together. Simply contact us at info@gonorth.ai or book an appointment directly to learn more.

Do I have to commit for a long time period?
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No, that is not necessary. The use of Northbound is billed monthly and you can cancel at any time. However, if you would like to commit to a longer period, we offer long-term discounts.

Is a lengthy set-up phase necessary before I can start?
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No, no installation, integration or other lengthy implementation is necessary. You can get started on the same day. Configuration takes just 30 minutes and the system is available immediately.

We come from the industry and know the problems with D&D costs

Andreas Canel
Andreas Canel
Rahul Yadav
Rahul Yadav

The founding team of Northbound knows the challenges of supply chain management first-hand since many years and has already developed several digital solutions in this space. Andreas has led several Amazon fulfillment centers and worked extensively on the optimal coordination of cargo flows and capacities. Rahul developed route optimization systems for logistics transports and designed complex AI systems.

Because of this, we understand the challenges faced by inbound teams, especially in terms of demurrage & detention costs, which are difficult to monitor without real-time data. The traditional manual tracking and calculation of these costs via Excel is inefficient and slow in responsiveness. Therefore, we have developed a dedicated solution that automatically calculates D&D costs and enables an immediate response in container planning.

Introduction and expert talk about Northbound (30 min)
Felgendreher Friends
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Felgendreher & Friends – Discussions for Supply Chain Fans

In this podcast with supply chain experts from the industry, our founder
Andreas talks about the origin of D&D costs and how they can be prevented (starts at minute 31:50).

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"You often lose track [of the D&D status] and then costs are incurred. And later you pay the bill without anyone having really looked at it again."

Frank Vorrath, Vice President Supply Chain Services, Danfoss

“Proactively managing D&D fees is what separates good companies from great companies. There's really still a lot to be gained there."

Knut Alicke, Partner, McKinsey & Company

"Lack of transparency is a real issue. As the bill doesn't arrive until months later, the pain isn't felt while it's actually happening and therefore often remains hidden - and later it's too late to react."

Erik Wirsing, VP Global Innovation, DB Schenker
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Andreas Canel
Andreas Canel
Co-Founder & CEO

Andreas Canel, co-founder of Northbound, is a logistics expert with many years of experience and an unlimited captain's license. He previously led several Amazon fulfillment centers and now specializes in the innovative and optimized management of container flows. Benefit from his experience in an initial consultation.

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